You can’t squeeze real sales from fake traffic

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  • Post published:July 14, 2021
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Some loose connection on LinkedIn shared an article that made me scratch my head.🤔

Granted the article was from 2019, but I still feel it still happens today.

And it was all about how this Instagram influencer had over 2 million followers…

But had to shut down the merch side of her business because she couldn’t sell like 30 shirts.

Here’s where the juicy part of the article is..

The Miami-based influencer said she had been told by the company producing the brand that she needed to sell at least 36 T-shirts from the first run of products in order for the line to be continued, but Renee didn’t hit the target.

In the lengthy caption, she explained that she “knew it was gonna be hard,” but that she “was getting such good feedback that people loved it and were gonna buy it.”

“No one has kept their word so now the company won’t be able to send out the orders to people who actually bought s— and it breaks my heart,” Renee said.

“The people I thought who would support me, really didn’t nor did they share any of my posts (all I asked for), sounds b—– but like no shade to anyone, I’ve supported everyone’s music or whatever they’ve asked for my support on and I couldn’t even get it in return.”


For real, I love how she blames her fans for her failed venture😂

I also love how the article censors the swears, as if there are kids reading this.

Now I wasn’t the best math student…

But 1% of 2 million is still 20,000.

And 30 out of 2 million…

Is 0.000015%.

If someone can’t fullfill 36 shirts for a minimum order, that’s pathetic!

I don’t want to infer anything, but it sounds like at some point, lots of followers were “purchased”.

Second, who blatantly admits all of this to a reporter??

I’m not sure about you, but if I had a product that I couldn’t sell to 1% of my audience, I wouldn’t tell a soul.

This lady willingly talked to the press about it.

I’m not sure if she was trying to get more followers from this article…

Or make it so that she could put the article’s website on the “as seen on” press section of her site.

I guess while some people are actually actively trying to build a business with actual customers and sales.

Other people are just in the business of looking good😂

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