Why content isn’t the most important part of info-marketing

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  • Post published:March 4, 2022
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If you’re a massive marketing nerd, and in case you were living under a rock…

ClickFunnels bought Dan Kennedy’s company.

Keep in mind, I have no idea how DK structured this deal…

But ClickFunnels is offering their own print newsletter, and another newsletter is written by Dan.

To help promote this, there’s a new Magnetic Marketing podcast that I’ve been listening to.

And there has been a ton of gold in it.

It’s basically old audio from Dan’s live seminars back in the day.

These are seminars where business owners paid thousands to be in the room.

But the advice packed in those recordings is just solid.

Like in the latest podcast episode, Dan talked about how the least important part of an info marketing business is the content itself.

You would think paying for content, whether it’s $20 bucks or hundreds, there would be something special about it.

And I’ve thought this myself. There are info products I’ve seen like books and newsletters where I’m like, I wonder what’s so special about those 🤔

But Dan admitted that’s it’s not even close. It’s more about “The Hurd” it’s intended for.

Let’s say you have 3 types of buyers…

Buyer #1 is an affiliate marketing newbie. One of those peeps you’d find promoting a 15-day challenge on their TikTok. This person doesn’t even have an LLC or a Tax ID.

Buyer #2 is a small business or franchise owner.

And Buyer #3 is a lawyer who owns his own practice.

Let’s say they all buy the same copywriting info product for $3,000.

Buyer #1 has a hell of a mountain to climb, having no actual business or experience. It will take them months to pay off their investment, and even months or years to start making the money they were expecting. Not to mention tons of discipline along the way.

Buyer #2 is a better candidate. However, if they own a small business that doesn’t have a big order value or big profit margins, it’s a bigger purchase to justify and it’ll take multiple sales to make their money back. It’ll take some more time to meet or exceed their expectations.

Buyer #3 is the best candidate. They don’t need to do a lot to really make their money back. They just need 1 new client to break even. Anything more than 1 new client and they’re pretty much kicking ass with minimal effort.

So Dan’s whole point was, sales are important, but the type of Hurd you round up is even more valuable because that’s where the future bank is. 🏦

If you’re not listening to this podcast, below is the direct link to it.👇👇👇

Check it out here.

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