When you bribe prospects to jump on sales calls

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  • Post published:July 23, 2021
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Sometimes I just click on social media ads just to see what other peoples’ funnels look like.

Just to find out what they’re doing on the marketing end.

And what kind of offers are they running, or what kind of emails they are sending.

And if I can grab a piece of wisdom from that, I’m satisfied.

But I clicked on someone’s ad a few days ago.

It was from Ahmad Munuawar (I know, not a household name) one of these guys who sells coaching to consultants.

Kind of like selling ice to the eskimos😂

But I started to sign up, but I stopped.

Because his webinar was $47.00.

I told myself that I wasn’t paying almost $50, just to check out someone’s funnel.

But then a day later, I got an email.

The email said that his webinar was “almost at capacity” (okay…sure😒)

And he had to “grease the wheels” if folks were willing to jump on a phone call…

He would waive the $47 fee.

Now, I’m sure this is part of his sales funnel, and this is a way to convert people who are “on the fence”.

But starting with free anything (or heavily discounted) sets a bad precedent.

Speaking from experience, some of the companies I’ve sold for, who swear up and down on a Bible that they don’t sell based on price, do exactly that.

And anytime they sold a package or product that was cheaper than the competition…

Attracted the “tire kickers” and “bargain shoppers”.

These were customers who either ended up leaving anyway after one or two months…

Or they were just massive pains in the asses.

And these were business customers. Not your average Joe’s off the street.

So the next time you think offering a price incentive is going to bring in a tidal wave of new customers.

Be careful who you open your front door for…

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