When GiViNg VaLuE just isn’t enough

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  • Post published:June 2, 2021
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A TikTok came up on my feed, and sure enough, another lost soul was praying at the altar of Gary Vee, looking for wisdom.

In the video, this dude’s problem was he was giving too much value, but people were taking advantage of his “good nature”.

But Uncle Gary told him, it was because he was expecting too much in return.

Which I halfway agree with. People should not be doing things because they have a convert contract drafted in the back of their mind.

But here’s the other half…

The truth is, this dude is gonna die some day.

And not only that, he’s not gonna know when.

And if this guy had to sit and actually think about who really mattered to him, he’d be spending his time and attention on people who really care about him.

Good friends and good family. Not random people he’s trying to secretly get something from.

The majority of people are shitty, lazy and not worth your time. The armchair thought leaders of LinkedIn will not agree with me, but oh well.

The people who do matter (which is a short list) is definitely worth your while.

And if anyone new knocks on your door, they need to audition to deserve your time.

Time is unit of currency, and you only have so much of it.

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