What nobody talks about with a client-based business

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  • Post published:April 17, 2021
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There’s an aspect of running a client-based business that no one talks about.

And that is getting paid.

I’ll share a personal story. This past Christmas, I was thinking about what to get my parents

And I came up with the idea of hiring a personal chef to cook a nice dinner for them because of the current dining restrictions.

I was even referred to a local chef in their area.

And so I hopped on the phone with this chef for about a half hour and we bantered, and he told me what he could do.

But then we got to the discussion about price, and I just wanted a ballpark number.

‘Welllll let me check my costs and send you an email.’

Which was fine, but I got the sense he was real gun shy.

2 weeks go by and I asked him again to send me a quote.

Mind you, I wasn’t shopping around for the best price. This guy was referred to me by a trusted person, so I was already sold on this guy and wanted to hire him.

He was like, ‘Yeah sure, no problem.’ But then never emailed me.

After that, I didn’t want to hire him anymore.

Which brings me to my point: Decide if you’re doing a hobby, or decide if you’re running a business. What people say, and what people do are two different things. But if you’re running a business, take actions that actually align with you closer to getting paid.

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