Watching Batman’s origin story on repeat

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  • Post published:June 2, 2021
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The Mrs. was watching Joker last weekend, and towards the end I asked myself: How many more times in my life am I going to watch Bruce Wayne’s parents get shot on screen?

But there’s only one Batman franchise that doesn’t share his origin story… (that I know of)

Which is none other than the old school Adam West Batman series.

It even includes the movie from the 60’s where Batman’s rogue’s gallery of villains turns the entire United Nations leaders into colored powder.

Gen Z doesn’t even know they’re missing this gem!

Even though I get a lot of ‘remember berries’ from watching that series, I think to myself…

As tired as I get from watching the Batman origin story, you really do need his personal tragedy in order to capture the dark element of that character.

That’s why in the Dark Knight, when you hear Harvey Dent scream ‘RACHELLLLL!!!’ when her building explodes, you get the major case of the feels.

So, even if you feel like you’d be annoying someone, don’t shy away from repeating a personal story on different sites.

In fact, lean into it more. It’ll give you character.

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