🚨Red Alert🚨 This is one of crazy Uncle Gary Vee’s TikTok rants, word-for-word

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  • Post published:August 26, 2021
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“Learn to Eliminate Judgement…

The reason you’re not posting every day 800 times a day is because you’re worried what people are gonna say.

My friends, high school is over. Start acting like it.”

First, unless you’re completely out of the corporate world, high school is not over. The corporate world is high school 2.0.

Our guidance counselors lied to us. The best candidate does not get the high-paying job. The most popular people do. Or people who can BS the most.

And the likelihood is high that people have bosses and clients, and they care about what those people think.

I agree people give too many fucks about nothing, but you will still have the majority of people kissing ass. Who do you think Uncle Gary is surrounded by.

And Two. What the hell is this 800 times a day bullshit??

Okay Uncle Gary…😏

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