There really is something for everyone

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  • Post published:May 9, 2021
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Back when I was a B2B salesperson, I thought of a question, which was a severely dangerous question…

And that was, what if my product is nothing but hot garbage?

And to be honest, you’d be dumb if you NEVER asked this question. No one wants to be the emperor with no clothes.

But sadly, you’re even dumber if you actually believe it!

For example, guess which actor is REALLY into Clown Paintings?

John C. Reilly.

Not only does the guy have an entire room dedicated to Clown Paintings.

But they’re expensive as hell.

So what’s my point?

My point is I truly believe that for every product, there is a market for it.

When I resold crappy phone and internet service that I knew was dog shit, even I knew who my target market was.

It was the business owner who was always barley scraping by. He kept bare bone staff (or no staff), he didn’t know if he would continue to stay in business, and he always bought on price.

And deep down inside, he knew that he always got what he paid for, but he just couldn’t resist the siren’s song of cheap.

So who do you want to sell a high-end Clown Painting to? The guy with only one painting, or the guy with 50?

Because I guarantee you that the guy with 50, is looking for number 51.

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