The sales funnel for how to get da clients

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  • Post published:July 18, 2021
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I saw a Facebook ad that I had to click on. Not because it was awesome, but it was utterly ridiculous.

I don’t want to give away the company that ran it, but it rhymes with Fraffic and Tunnels🧐

This ad was pushing a new course targeted to freelancers, and how they can get new clients.

And honestly, the sales copy on the squeeze page was typical “doom and gloom” copywriting. The course invalidates every other marketing option:

  • Like Facebook posts
  • Blogging
  • Building an email list (I’m unsure why this was on here, because this is exactly what they do, but okay 🤡)
  • LinkedIn
  • Cold outreach

Of course, it leaves out one last option, which is PPC.

Which is what they used to promote the course in the first place!

I know there’s a whole subculture that bashes internet courses like Coffeezilla or Ballerbusters.

Personally, I’m pro-internet courses. There are actually a few courses out there that actually changed my life for the better…

But without taking the course, I can tell you what it’s all about for free, without even taking it…

It’s essentially an introduction to sales funnels for freelancers (shocked face😳).

Here’s every stage of a sales funnel…

Top of the funnel:

This is for people who like your content at the surface level. They follow you on social media, watch your videos, or read your emails once in a while.

Middle of the funnel:

This is for people who resonate more with your content. These people are most likely to read your emails every day, attend your live sessions, or buy low to mid-ticket offers from you.

Bottom of the funnel:

These are the people who resonate the most with your content. They are most likely to email or message you directly to ask questions. They are also most likely to buy high-ticket offers and consulting opportunities from you.

And even though every customer enters the funnel the same way…

That doesn’t mean that the end goal is to get everyone to the bottom of the funnel.

Some customers are just meant to stay in a specific section of the funnel, and that’s okay.

But what you see with a lot of freelancers and consultants, is they have no funnel.

And they have a “bottom of the funnel” type offer like consulting, but then sell it to the “top of the funnel”.

I’m not advocating that all freelancers adopt the “hyper-aggressive Facebook ad funnel”.

Which is to hook clients with a low-ticket offer, then keep upselling them until they finally book a consulting opportunity.

This is a fine strategy, but what agencies won’t tell you…

Is that everything has to be dialed in, or else you will lose your butt with ad spending.

That means everything has to work. The ads, autoresponder sequences, offers, etc. all have to slap.

Not to mention, all the automation, copy and low-to-high ticket offers take a ton of time to set up.

But freelancers and consultants don’t have to buy a course to do this.

The best thing folks can do to start a sales funnel is get on some email lists and watch what other consultants are doing.

And see how their back-end (or bottom of the funnel) offers are set up.

Because the back-end, as MTV Cribs would say…

Is where all the magic happens!

(Millennial reference, if you’re not a millennial, keep scrolling)

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