The great debate between a great product and great marketing

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  • Post published:April 26, 2021
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If you have an awesome product, do you really need marketing?

In some camps, that’s kind of all you hear. If you sell an awesome product, the marketing will take care of itself.

And then people in those camps will point to Apple, Tesla or Amazon. And they’ll say, these companies don’t need advertising or PR. Their product is good enough.

But I argue that you need both an awesome product and awesome marketing. And you can’t have one without the other.

If anyone wants proof, they can look no further than Breaking Bad, which is actually an awesome business show…

Not only does it show how Walter White gets into the drug market with no previous experience…

And show how he creates a product with a unique selling proposition.

But he becomes the master of his own marketing.

To the dealers and distributes he does business with, he doesn’t go by Walter White, the boring dad-bod chemistry teacher, cancer patient, with a marriage on life-support.

How many drugs would Walter White sell in his Dockers pants and his white New Balance dad sneakers? He’d be shot to death on sight.

Instead, he creates his own persona to handle the drug dealers.

He slowly reinvents himself as Heisenberg, the strong-willed, fuck-around-and-find-out, brass balls drug kingpin with a mobster hat.

Both guys are the same dude. But they both communicate different messages to different audiences.

To his business partners, he’s tough as nails and always one step ahead.

To his wife and kid, he’s just same old Dad. Flaws, worts and all.

But Walter’s super blue pure meth product wouldn’t be distributed anywhere if it wasn’t for Heisenberg.

And if Heisenberg had an average product, he wouldn’t have anywhere near his street cred.

But because Walter mastered both, he built the leverage he needed to rise to the top.

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