The dangers of completely relying on YouTube

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  • Post published:June 2, 2021
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One of the YouTube channels I’m subscribed to announced a few days ago that his channel has been demonetized.

His channel covered a bunch of topics including skiing, traveling, camping, but also firearm and pocket knife reviews.

And even though he does not get political one bit, one day he woke up and his channel was slapped.

Unfortunately, this is not YouTube’s first go around disconnecting the cash machine from creators’ accounts.

I’ve seen this before. One day creators have a steady stream of content, and the next minute their income stream or content is completely Thanos-snapped.

And there are 2 major lessons to take away from this.

One: Don’t rely on any one income source or traffic source. Even though it sucks when things like this occur, thankfully, there are multiple apps and communities to put yourself on. But do it early and often.

And Two: You need to point your audience to the places that you own, like your own site and your email list.

Now I know someone will say: YoUr WeBSiTe AnD eMaIl PrOvIdEr CaN KiCk YoU oFf ToO.

True. But your site and your email list can be backed up, transferred and restored to a safer spot.

The chances of this happening to you is low, but you don’t want to be caught with your pants down.

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