Tales of businesses that are literally next door

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  • Post published:June 2, 2021
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I was on my evening walk last night and apparently I walked past a business, and didn’t even know it.

On someone’s front door it said, *Redacted* Computer Repair (I don’t want to dox their location because it’s a residence).

And a part of me cringed inside.

I thought to myself, ‘Oh man, how surprised are people when they just show up at someone’s house to drop off their computers?’

The guy’s sign was just a piece of paper taped to his door.

And I was hoping this guy just owned the fact that he works out of his house.

I tried to Google his site. He doesn’t have a site. He just has a Facebook business page, and has a generic clip art banner as his cover photo.

This is a missed opportunity. He could answer the door, and tell his customers to meet him in his ‘repair lair’ and then opens the garage door.

He could do a live streaming session from his basement while doing computer repair and makes a podcast out of it.

There’s a money-making million ideas I have for this guy. But even if I gave him my ideas for free, he probably wouldn’t do it. Leave it to peoples‘ pride.

It’s like a dating profile with an outdated photo of 25 lb lighter you.

Or the LinkedIn headshot of when you actually had hair.

Some of the best marketing is just straight up truthin.

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