Seriously TikTok?

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  • Post published:July 5, 2021
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At this point, my relationship status with TikTok is complicated…🤬

I posted a video the other day and within 2 hours, it was thanos-snapped out of existenceđź‘Ś

TikTok told me my video was taken down because it violated “community guidelines”, which is their way of saying go f### yourself.

Which is laughable because all the video consisted of, was me making fun of a Papa’s John’s commercial for using TikTok music in the background…

That and stating the fact that their CEO has certain “views”. I’ll leave it at that. Probably played a factor though…

Nobody’s a fan of the truth apparently…

But honestly, I could care less, for a few reasons…

One: I’m on other platforms, so I don’t rely on TikTok.

Two: I just make the videos I want to make, and then export the video (WITHOUT the watermark) and upload them to other platforms. It practically invents engagement.

Three: They can ban my GD account. I’ll just make another one.

And Four: That same video that got taken down, got me 10 or so new followers on a different platform.

So keep stepping on your dick TikTok. I’ll keep doing my thing.

This is another lesson NOT to rely too much on social.

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