My biggest downfall of 2020

I feel like 2020 was a lost year for me. Not because of the obvious reason…

But because of that damned TikTok!

Last year, my wife made me download the app. I checked it out just to give it a chance.

And I spent at least 1-2 hours every night just aimlessly scrolling through TikTok. I’d like to say it wasn’t 2 hours, but it’s true.

The addiction is REAL!

I dubbed behaviors like this ‘bad entertainment’. Stuff like this includes:

– Endless scrolling of TikTok videos
– Going down the YouTube rabbit hole
– Getting outraged by someone’s post on Facebook
– Mindlessly binging Netflix because there’s nothing better to do.

So if that’s bad entertainment, what’s good entertainment?

– Listening to podcast you genuinely love listening to
– Listening to an audiobook you’re interested in
– Watching a YouTube video of a channel you’re subscribed to because you like their stuff
– Catching up on a show you can’t wait to watch the next episode of. There’s not that many great shows on Netflix anyways…

And instead of the endless scrolling through newsfeeds, actually commenting on posts and videos of people that matter.

If it happens on this app, you can do it on others.

Just a friendly reminder to unplug yourself and start making genuine friendships with people online.

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  • Post published:April 10, 2021

Positioning in the most cut-throat industry

I’ve been binging on a lot of podcasts lately, and an episode with comedian Tom Segura really struck a chord with me.

He was talking about how tough the process is when auditioning for a role.

And Tom said there were times when he prepared and would deliver the best performance he had ever given at auditions.

But the only feedback he got was his agent would say, ‘WE thought your audition was great! We’ll follow up with the studio and keep you posted…’

And he would just hear nothing afterwards.

BUT THEN, Tom continued saying there were auditions when he would just half-ass it, and didn’t care about getting a particular role either way.

And then all of a sudden he would hear the magic words, ‘You’re hired.’

Believe it or not, this all comes down to positioning. When it comes to getting jobs, especially client work, you want to be in a position where you could either take it or leave it.

I don’t want to get on a ‘Law of Attraction’ soapbox, but people can smell neediness.

Looking back in my own professional career, if I really needed a job or freelance work, it felt like I was fighting an uphill battle.

But the moment I didn’t care, wouldn’t you know it, that’s when everything came to me. That’s the awesome power of positioning.

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  • Post published:April 10, 2021

Generating leads when it’s way too late

I’ve never worked full-time for a company that did an amazing job with their marketing. There’s one employer that did a decent job at one point, but they just screwed it up later.

But there’s one company I worked for, that will remain nameless, that was just offensive.

I was an account manager for a bigger company at the time, and during a quarterly sales meeting, the VP of Communications went to the front of the room to speak…

And he basically announced to the group that they just added an opt-in page for the first time.

This was in 2018.

This company already had a decent site with good traffic. They didn’t even offer a lead magnet.

After 2 minutes of browsing, the opt-in window would pop-up asking if visitors wanted to set an appointment with a rep.

And the VP was all proud that regular appointments were being generated from that point forward.

Now they get points for implementation. Hardly any companies ever even think of doing adding that window to their site…

But this is a bigger company. They had huge sales teams and web people for years! And you’re telling me that no one thought of that idea until 2018??


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  • Post published:April 7, 2021

Sweet banner dude

This is when a local company sends me ONE lonely marketing email.

No campaign. No sequence. Just ONE email.

This is usually an email with no substance and a weak call-to-action.

And then the company never sends another email ever again.

Probably because they didn’t have enough bites on their “Free Offer” that they sent.

I guess the sales team has to go back to the old “smile and dial” strategy.

At least the banner looks cool. Someone probably spent 2 hours on that one

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  • Post published:March 31, 2021

For $800 a night, you too can stay here

Does this house look familiar?

Do you remember Tony Stark’s cabin in Avengers Endgame?

You can now rent the entire cabin for $800 per night.

It’s got tons of acres, and even a lake.

But here’s a question…

If that cabin wasn’t in the Avenger’s movie, could they even charge $800 per night?

Probably not.

In fact, how many cabins look better, offer bigger space, with way more amenities?

Probably hundreds more.

But people want the ability to say they stayed at the Avengers cabin. They want the bragging rights, and the photos on their Instagram.

They basically want that total experience. That’s what they’re paying $800 a night for.

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  • Post published:March 31, 2021

Grant Cardone will not teach you how to cold call better

I can’t stand Grant Cardone.

But there was once a time when I was a sales rep, who just didn’t know any better, and I binged watched his videos.

I think he’s worth studying and paying attention to, but I wouldn’t buy a car from him, if that makes any sense.

There’s an older Grant Cardone video where he jumps on a call with a prospect, and helps a noob salesperson close a deal.

Within a few minutes Grant pulls some word judo on him, and gets him to commit to the deal.

But what Grant said, wasn’t what actually closed the deal.

It was Grant’s celebrity appeal that helped him close the deal.

From a prospect’s point of view, one minute you’re talking to some young, no-name sales guy who keeps calling you everyday getting you to buy…

And the next minute Grant himself hops on the call, and suddenly you’re paying attention and hanging on his every word.

That long ago, Grant didn’t have a TV show on Discovery Channel, but he was still a somebody.

And you’re known just a little bit, the conversation is a lot different than if nobody knows you.

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  • Post published:March 28, 2021

So Far

Dan Kennedy has written several books, but one of my favorites is Unfinished Business, which is kind of his autobiography.

His first chapter is titled, So Far. I’ll just give you the highlights because he lists a lot…

He starts out by saying, So far I have lived through:

  • 29 years in business
  • 11 different businesses
  • 2 cars repossessed, same year
  • 1 corporate bankruptcy, one personal bankruptcy
  • 2 lawsuits
  • 4 clients  (1 of which, very close friend and mentor) sent to prison
  • 4 major business/life reinventions
  • 2 relocations
  • 2 divorces
  • 14 years of alcohol abuse
  • 2 parents’ deaths
  • 12 years of torturous, incessant travel
  • 1 novel, unfinished, in progress for 15 years
  • 8 US Presidents, including the Carter Depression, Reagan Revival
  • 1 Disease (Diabetes)
  • 2 modest fortunes made, 1 kept

He ends that with, I have done business before Fax, Internet, cellphones, PCs. These days I work with a whole generation of entrepreneurs who can’t remember or fathom not being able to Email the world. Let alone waiting for the television to warm up!

Gives you a lot of perspective.

If you’re familiar with Dan in any way, seriously buy that book. It’s awesome.

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  • Post published:March 24, 2021

I wasn’t going to see this movie at first

I just watched Zack Snyder’s Justice League a few days ago. A few months ago, I had absolutely no desire to see it.

It was mostly because I already saw it in theaters. It wasn’t the best movie at the time, but was still entertaining enough.

But I really didn’t know how they were going to improve the movie after it was already released.

Until then one thing motivated me to go see it.

It wasn’t all the buzz on social media. It certainly wasn’t the Release the Snyder Cut hashtag.

It was Proof.

Suddenly, all the YouTube channels and movie podcasts I was subscribed to were giving the updated movie positive reviews. Suddenly, I could not escape a review of the latest Justice League version in any of my news feeds.

Even the channels that were the TOUGHEST critics of anything pop culture gave it decent scores. These are nerds that don’t like every Marvel movie or every Star Wars movie, and you’re not going to fool them. Picture an army of Comic Book Guys from the Simpsons.

And just like that, before I even watched the newest version of that movie, I was already pre-sold on seeing it. And as I kept watching it, the movie kept reinforcing my decision to keep watching it.

I certainly wish most movies were good enough to pull this off. Kind of like I wish most products were too.

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  • Post published:March 24, 2021

What does a car really cost?

Picture in your mind, a car that’s worth $2,000.

What do you think that car looks like?

Who do you think the owner of that car is? What do they look like?

Why do you think they only paid $2,000?

Now picture in your mind, a car that’s worth $500,000.

What kind of car is that $500,000 car?

Who do you think the owner of that car is? What do they look like? What do they do for a living?

And why did they really want a $500,000 car?

Here’s the thing. Every car can perform the same result, which is drive from Point A to Point B.

The experience might be different. One car might take longer to start. One car might get noticed more on the highway.

But the result of arriving at a destination is the same.

The real difference is between the owners. The differences are what they believe, and what they want.

Dealers don’t sell options like all-wheel drive, moon roofs and heated seats in the hopes that people will buy them.

People are already buying those things, so they’re offered all the time.

It just depends who’s buying.

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  • Post published:March 24, 2021

How NOT to promote your webinar

One of the most cringe things to see on your news feed is when someone is promoting a webinar.

– Don’t tell me what the title is

– Don’t tell me when it is

– Don’t tell me that there are still “Just a few spots left!!”

Read a decent amount of good email marketing.

Once you have the gist of it, promote it the same way.

Don’t be like everyone else who promotes a webinar on LinkedIn.

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  • Post published:March 21, 2021