One of the worst email opt-in pages I’ve seen

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  • Post published:February 28, 2022
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I saw an ad on Instagram that piqued my interest, so I clicked on it…

And oh, what I found was horrible 🤦‍♂️

I think I found the world’s worst opt-in page.

I expected that the opt-in would just ask for my email. Like 95% of funnels.

But no…

Not only did they ask for my email… They asked for my phone number.

That’s a first red flag 🚩

Like no, I don’t want to talk to you.

Sadly, some companies with complex marketing funnels do this.

Because they want as many consulting prospects in their pipeline as humanly possible.

Regardless of whether they are quality prospects or not.

One company said they needed a phone number for “shipping purposes”… For a digital product😂 Yeah okay.

So I had to switch chrome tabs and find a fake phone number.

But THEN, they wanted to know… “What is your annual revenue was per year?”

Little personal there… Why don’t you just ask about my weight or my SSN?

I thought I was done… But ohhhh no!

The last screen wanted me to schedule a “free call”. The landing page said it was required.

First off, no one wants to schedule a sales meeting with you. Especially after clicking on an ad.

I’d rather walk through glass like in Die Hard…

Or get my teeth drilled without Novocain.

Anyone who would’ve been remotely interested will be scared off by this request.

And second, there’s no law saying that I have to take this meeting…

How easy is it for people to just bail on you??

I’m serious, I used to sell to businesses door-to-door. Do you know how many businesses told me that they were willing to meet with me, and then bailed on me?

And since I gave them a fake phone number…

They might have a prayer of a chance of getting through to someone. 😉

I understand this company is trying to qualify its prospects.

But that’s like asking someone on a date within minutes of meeting them.

I’m not gonna tell how businesses should run their operations, especially if they aren’t paying me.

But if you have a lead magnet, and you’re going to pay for traffic…

Please don’t ask for any sort of huge commitment right off the bat.

Pretend prospecting is like going on a date.

What do you want your prospect to say in a testimonial?

“This company was so great…

They bothered me for a sales meeting…

Followed up to the point of harassment…

Gaslighted and pressured me to buy their services…

But boy would I recommend them to anyone.”

9 out of 10. Would opt-in again! ⭐️



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