LinkedIn wants to destroy your views ☠️

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  • Post published:August 26, 2021
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Well, that depends on who you listen to…

I’ve seen some posts on LinkedIn from peeps complaining that they aren’t getting the views they used to get.

I’m not a LinkedIn expert by any means, but I think this is what’s happening…

*Leans back in armchair*

As a control, I only posted a few things this week but just let it go.

Needless to say, there wasn’t much action.

But then the other day, I posted but I didn’t make it about me…

Instead, I participated a lot more. I had more conversations with different peeps in my feed.

The end result was not only did my recent post get more views.

But the views on my other posts shot up too.

Again, I’m not a views expert by any means.

But it looks like participaters are rewarded more than posters.

Does that mean you have to put in more time in? Yeeeeep!

I don’t want to assume anything, but the probability is high that you’re already on your phone.

So the good news is you’ve already arrived. Now you just have to take baby steps in a few different directions.

PS: Find me on TikTok too. I do the same amount of marketing trolling, just in short video form!

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