Lessons from the Spam Box

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  • Post published:May 3, 2021
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Somehow a spam offer crept its way into my main inbox.

So let’s see what they did wrong and what they did right:

Wrong Moves:

– Subject line is complete crap. Not compelling at all.

– Relies on a big photo image instead of text.

– Too much text crammed in one box.

– There are 2 unsubscribe lines in this email. One has a text strike over it. Kind of a red flag.

– It’s a one-and-doner.

– Just screams ‘Not Legit’.

Right Moves:

– Borrows the credibility of Shark Tank and Mark Cuban.

– Uses the curiosity/mystery box angle.

– I do like the line, ‘See How Shark Tank’s Newest Product is Turning the Diet World on its Head!’ Would’ve been better used as either the subject line or main headline.

– I do like the ‘Ready to Lose Weight?’ Call to action. Would work well in a funnel too.

Just a friendly reminder, there are gold Nuggets of knowledge hidden everywhere. What works for spammers might work well for your campaigns too.

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