It’s 2019 and we added… an opt in form! 💥

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  • Post published:July 10, 2021
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I’ll never forget the exact moment I was mentally “done” with corporate marketing.

I was at a hotel conference room crammed with 100 other people for quarterly meeting.

And the VP of marketing walked up to the podium to speak… 🧐 

And like all stuffy corporate executives, he started to deliver updates, which were kinda boring…

But then he gave an update, which made my jaw drop.

Which was, they FINALLY added an opt-in form to the company website.

He added that if someone was on the site for a few minutes,  a pop-up form would appear…

Which gave them an option to schedule an appointment with a sales rep.

And he said, so as a result they’ve seen a real uptick in appointments.

No shit!

Congratulations. It was 2019, and a publicly-traded Fortune 100 company finally added an opt-in form 👏 

I was wondering, when would they add a lead magnet?


I wouldn’t want to push them too much😂

But seriously, this is is the type of stuff that has had me banging my freakin head against the wall for years.

I remember when I was in-charge of a company’s website at my first-ever marketing job…

And I would LITERALLY BEG my supervisor to allow us to put regular content on the site…

This was when blogs still had some steam, and video was gaining momentum…

And they were just like, Nah! Hard pass.

This is a company that refused to use an email platform because they were afraid all of their customers would unsubscribe.

Which gives you a clue of what kind of emails they were sending.

They would literally just take copy from Microsoft Word and paste into an email box…

Then send to literally hundreds of emails.

And by the way, all of the recipients could see each other!

Just think of the bounce backs… 😳 

Watching internet marketing strategies be used by people who are becoming more financially free…

But these same, easy-to-use strategies…

Aren’t being used by big dumb companies, makes me want to leap off a cliff.

And then big dumb executives continue to resist…

Unless a competitor starts doing something similar.

Then suddenly, they happen to get a clue.

So if you want to be successful with marketing…

You can’t follow the big dumb elephants in the room.

Just because they’re bigger and more noticeable, doesn’t mean they’re smarter or faster.

And they’re most likely to get eaten alive faster!

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