Is the BTS Meal literally just a rebranded McNugget meal?

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  • Post published:June 23, 2021
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Anybody ever have those feelings that you’re just getting old?

I was on vacation last week and stopped at a hybrid gas station / McDonald’s.

And from outside the window I saw a poster for McDonald’s BTS Meal. Here’s what it is *spoilers*

– McNuggets
– Fries, Coke, the usual
– Sweet Chili and Cajun sauces

And in my early millennial mind, I’m like what idiot is gonna buy that??

Oh boy…

When I got back, I googled BTS Meal to escape the realities of me coming back from vacation. Here’s what I found…

– Thousands of stores were mobbed in Indonesia with people trying to get this meal
– The purple packaging is already selling on eBay
– This meal is already outselling the Travis Scott Burger (which was a glorified quarter pounder)

And honestly, good for McDonald’s! If they can pull that off and make an extra mil by renaming a chicken nugget meal, good on ‘em. They got it figured out.

Let me tell you… as many years of experience I have, marketing campaigns like this still throw me for a loop.

Just when you think something won’t be a success, appearances can be deceiving.

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