I turned down a prospective client recently 🛑

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  • Post published:February 17, 2022
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Turned down for what?!

They were initially referred to me by a current client.

I spoke with them over zoom a few times. They seemed nice.

They wanted me to help them with some email marketing.


During a few client diagnostic calls, you have to ask a few key questions.

So I asked them a few questions about what they were currently doing…

And here’s what I found out…

They were doing a whole lot of nothing.

They had an email list but were barely sending any emails out.

When they did send emails, they were just sending occasional promotional discounts.

They weren’t sending any content that anyone wanted to read.

They didn’t have any creative offers to capture any future emails.

And they didn’t know how many sales were being generated through email.

The bottom line, is they didn’t seem very motivated to do much.

And I knew that getting them any results to justify hiring me…

Was going to be like pulling teeth.

And it was going to take a lot of painful conversations.

And a lot of work that I just wasn’t willing to do.

So I decided to cut my losses early and referred them to a few other people who could help them out possibly.

They understood and were cool about it.

But part of the freedom of working for yourself…

Is saying no to work that you don’t think is beneficial.

Or saying no to things that you know will aggravate you or waste your time.

Don’t get me wrong, I like money. I’m a huge fan.

But even with more money, there are diminishing returns.

To the point where being self-employed isn’t even worth it.

You might as well have a high-paying job with a ton of work to do.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, how much money is enough for you?

And what’s money if you don’t have the freedom to enjoy it?

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