I stopped flying Southwest Airlines 6 years ago…

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  • Post published:January 30, 2022
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But for some reason, I got an email from them last week. 

I could’ve sworn I unsubscribed… 🤔 

Anyways, they announced that a new CEO is taking over.

And they sent the most templated, generic, vanilla “new CEO email” that anyone ever uses.

It’s got the CEO’s boomer headshot front and center.

And it starts off with, “I hope 2022 ushers in a new year of promise and brings more opportunities…” yada yada…

I was going to include more, but I feel like I included too much already😂

Here’s the main thing… Who the hell cares?

I don’t even fly Southwest, and a new CEO doesn’t change my life.

I can’t imagine that anyone who actually pays them money for a ticket cares either.

And Southwest pays their own communications team to write emails like this.

What a waste of money. 💰 🔥 

Their marketing dollars could’ve been better spent elsewhere.

And what are they trying to get from this announcement? More ticket sales?

Nothing about this email is going to move anyone closer to booking a trip with them.

I used to have to write “messages from the CEO” years ago…

The only one who cares is the CEO. That’s it!

So whatever you do, whether it’s free ot paid…

(And marketing is NOT a zero sum game. Everyone pays with time…)

But whatever message you put out there…

You gotta ask yourself, what’s in it for someone else?

But if the answer is nothing…

You sadly wasted your own time and money.


Obviously this is an example of an email gone horribly wrong…

This is a great example of what NOT to do.

But every week I send examples of what GOOD email marketing looks like.

From business owners and marketers who are smarter than any Southwest Airline CEO.

This morning I sent an example of a story that Dan Kennedy told. One of his finest gems. 💎 

If you were on the list, it would’ve been in your inbox.

But here’s where to go if you want to hop on board…


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