How much improv do you think was in the show The Office?

Back when I used to watch it in college, I always thought there was a decent amount of ad libbing. At least it seemed like there was a lot of improv…

Especially when I found out the producers used the same camera crew that were used in the show Survivor.

But as it turns out, appearances can be deceiving.

According to the writers, 95% of that entire show was scripted.

In fact, only a handful of actors like Steve Carrell, Rainn Wilson and John Krasinski, were even allowed to do ad lib during scenes.

It was even so strict, that the writers’ room was right next to the Dunder Mifflin office set, so the writers could give notes to the actors fast.

If a line delivery was off by a few words, the actors would hear about it from the next room.

So if you have a pitch or a presentation, I’m not saying you have to prepare what you’re going to say to an absurd level of spreadsheet detail…

But the best man speeches that I’ve seen that have crashed and burned in front of hundreds of people watching, were always followed with the words, ‘I’ll just wing it!’