How executives ruin creative decisions

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  • Post published:August 10, 2021
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Has anyone seen the Harley Quinn show on HBO Max?

It’s hilarious. If you think it’s a kid’s show, it is not!

They swear, a lot! There’s adult humor. They even drop the C-word.

I was listening to one of my favorite movie podcasts a few weeks ago, and they dropped some news.

And the news was, executives pulled the plug on one of the show’s scenes…

And it included an animated version of Batman doing the ‘holiest of holies’ to Catwoman.

Which is hilarious to even write out.

What’s even more laughable were the executives’ response to the whole thing.

They said they cut the scene because it was too ‘off-brand’ for Batman.

First off, the entire series is off-brand.

There’s an episode where Poison Ivy is busy sleeping around with a D-list villain named Kite Man.

Second, this show is on the same app as South Park, which has broken more rules than years Gen-Z has been alive.

As funny as the whole story is, this is a microcosm of what happens in the marketing and agency business.

At some point, a REALLY good idea is generated to sell a product or service.

But then that idea is sh!t on by executives and people who aren’t creative.

Personally, I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had to scrap because some VP had reservations, or they “didn’t get it.”

I’ve seen Creative Directors lose their stack because they got notes back on an idea that they thought was a guaranteed hit.

To me, there is nothing worse than executives destroying a really creative idea.

The best thing I’ve found is come up with 3 solid ideas, and then have the client chose.

This strategy has worked for a few reasons…

  1. You’re kind of controlling the outcome, and
  2. They can only say ‘No’ so many times

It’s kind of like choosing a place to eat with your girl…

Even if you don’t get your first choice, you can still get something you want.

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