Gaslighting at its finest

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  • Post published:May 17, 2021
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Wanna know something trippy?

I learned this from the Netflix documentary Operation Varsity Blues.

The college admissions coach and main villain of the film, Rick Singer, would pitch this to his clients…

And this method would get their kids into the best schools by using his own ‘side door’ method.

His spiel was all about this…

His clients could try to get into the school they wanted through the front door, but they would just get outright rejected…

Or they could definitely get in through the back door, but they would have to fork over millions of dollars because that’s what competing parents were paying in donations…

But their kids could get accepted through his ‘side door strategy’ by giving Rick hundreds of thousands of dollars, which he would then use to bribe school officials.

But the way this guy manipulated parents was diabolical. This movie had the wire taps to prove it. 

‘Coach Rick’ would put his clients through a manipulation ringer during every phone call. He would gas light them at every corner and constantly introduce doubt into the forefront of their minds about their kids athletic abilities, test scores and grades.

He would basically drone on and on about how what the parents were doing was never enough.

Or he would constantly talk about what other parents were doing or the amounts they were paying to get their kids into Georgetown, Stanford, you name it…

And when the feds listened to him on the phone, they were really impressed just how smooth this guy was.

The authorities basically flat-out stated that his clients could have gotten their kids into almost school they wanted, if it wasn’t for Rick’s black belt manipulation.

But then how else would he have been able to rake in a small fortune for himself?

Was it evil? Oh yeah.

But that proves just how powerful fear and doubt can be used to get people to fork over lots of money.

And it really doesn’t matter how rich people are, because even wealthy people aren’t immune to this stuff.

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