Do you think panhandlers make bank?

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  • Post published:July 9, 2021
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Kind of a stupid question, but I keep thinking about it.

Back when I worked sales at Verizon, there was a panhandler right at the entrance of our shopping plaza.

Every day he would show up without fail. Sun, rain, or snow. Didn’t matter. He’d be there.

Until one day, my friend Bryan told me, you know that guy makes a ton of money, right?

I was like, no way! I didn’t believe him.

He sure does, Bryan told me. He makes more from his old job at GE. He used to be an engineer.

I didn’t believe that for the longest time after I heard that.

But then I later watched videos of people following panhandlers after their day of begging was done…

I’m not sure if these videos were real. I can’t trust anything on the internet anymore…

But these videos would show them climbing into a reasonably nice car…

And then driving to a reasonably nice home.

Again, whether it was real or not, I’m not sure. Let say for argument’s sake, they just brought home a few bucks a day.

They  essentially asked for a sale that didn’t deliver anything in return😂😂😂

No results at all. In a way, they’re the ultimate salesman.

But those guys had no problem asking.

Now I’m friends with people who are accountants (not the OF kind), electricians, IT dudes, etc…

And they are amazing at what they do.

And I have a great relationship with them. They could charge me any amount, and I would pay it without question because I like them and their work.

But for some reason, they have a massive hang-up with getting paid.

It’s such an issue, that I have to just send them a PayPal link with an amount that I think they’re worth.

However, the panhandlers don’t have a problem with getting paid for nothing though.

But my point is, getting paid depends largely on your ability to ask for the sale.

And a lot of people don’t want to ask for the sale. They aren’t comfortable with asking.

Look, as a sales rep, I’ve been there. It’s even been hard for me to ask people I barely knew to hand over money.

Thankfully, I’ve learned my own methods to help me feel comfortable, and get paid.

And if you feel uncomfortable, whether it’s in front of people you barely know, or people who’ve known you for a long time…

I wrote a brief guide that can help you out.

It’s how to sell offers without you feeling sleazy at the end…

And I give you a mental model so you don’t take it personally.

Plus real-life examples.

Get it here for free, and get it straight to your inbox fast.

I even try to make you laugh. I can’t promise the comedy is quality.

But at least you won’t leave empty-handed!

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