Bert “The Machine” Kreischer’s secret to telling stories that audiences can’t resist

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  • Post published:May 23, 2021
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One afternoon, I was listening to Bert Kreischer on his 2 Bears 1 Cave podcast, and he said something about sensationalism that I immediately took notes on.

And usually when it comes to podcasts, I’m working while listening on autopilot, and pick up “gems” here and there.

Before I explain anymore, I’ve seen Bert’s comedy live, and he’s an amazing story teller.

His Machine story, which is his viral video that catapulted his career, has been told and re-told to the point where now it’s being made as a movie.

And his presence is amazing. The usher at the venue told us before his show that when he takes his shirt off, he’s huge.

But on the podcast episode, Bert basically admitted that he “over-sensationalizes” stories.

To the point where his co-host Tom Segura has accused him multiple times of saying things that weren’t actually true.

But Bert even took it a step further…

He explained that he was such a great story teller that one of his friends told him a personal story, but then he retold the same story back to his friend, with more “sensationalism”.

And Bert also added that not only did he add more specifics, he also cut out details that he thought were completely irrelevant and didn’t add anything of value.

In short, Bert knows how to edit his stories in real time like marketers edit their posts.

He also said that his wife CONSTANTLY screws up great stories by pausing, stopping, rethinking details or adding details that don’t matter. Basically just interrupting the build-up.

Story telling is an art and a science, and if you can balance both, you can get peoples’ attention and hold it.

And Bert knows how to satisfy those requirements.

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