What’s a secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?

***Asked on Reddit***

I run a cake business…

I charged people hundreds for wedding cakes.

Every last one is made using Pillsbury cake mix. I buy for $1 a box at Walmart.

I suck at baking.

Everytime I ever tried to make a cake from scratch it sucked. But baking is like my whole deal.

My friends all call me the cake girl. People compliment my cakes all the time, telling me how delicious they are…

Telling me they could never bake a cake so delicious.

Well, guess what?

For $1, they too can make a cake just as delicious.


Listen here Anon Reddit Lady…

You’re giving yourself WAY less credit than you deserve.

I’ll give you an example. As an adult male, I’m fully capable of making a burger myself.

Hell, I own an outdoor grill and know damn well how to operate a stove. And I’m WELL AWARE that it’s cheaper for me to make a burger myself than to buy one.

But guess what? The majority of burgers I’ve eaten in my life… someone else made them.

Not only that… I paid them more money than what it economically cost to make it.

Do I care? Not really. Everytime I bought a burger, I was hungry and didn’t feel like cooking.

So despite how cheap and easy you think it is to make a cake, you are not ripping people off (Unless you’re telling people you make them from scratch…)

People are essentially buying their time back that they didn’t want to spend doing something.

That husband and wife you sold a cake to. I guarantee you one of them could bake a cake.

But they were too busy planning a freakin wedding, which takes a year of your life.

This poor gal has probably baked so many cakes, she sees the code in the baking Matrix…

But that doesn’t make her skill any less valuable.

So the next time you’re selling a product, your services or just good old YOU…

You’re selling a hell of a lot more than just the goods itself. You just can’t see it on your side of the table.

But the other side sees it, knows exactly what they’re buying, and will fork over good money for it.

P.S.: Pssst… hey kid…

If you’re curious about how other marketers out there are selling their consulting services and products…

How they’re writing their copy…

Or how they’re using emotional triggers to get other peeps to buy…

I got just the thing. You don’t have to subscribe to a million email lists either!

I gotchu!

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  • Post published:December 21, 2021

Gary Vee and his crazy NFTs

***Real Gary Vee TikTok***

“I’ll give you a weird one. If you own a home that is WILDLY unique…

And it’s a $25,000,000 dollar home on a beach, something wild…

You can NFT that home right now, put it into the smart contract that you get 1% transaction of this home in perpetuity…”

And the first person who buys that home, will be fine with that. They won’t give a “fook”.


Let me tell you something Gary…

I like you, I really do…

And I love that you’re excited about the future. I’m happy for you. I wish I had that big Gary energy.

Having said all that…

Buddy, I don’t plan on being THAT rich…

But if I get to a point, where I’m out here in a home worth $25 mil…

On a BEACH, no less.

Buddy, I ain’t movin.

So much so, I’m findin a way to get buried in that house.

Put THAT in the smart contract!

P.S.: I can’t promise that my TikToks will last long, but 9 out of 10 experts were left feeling satisfied…

@bizdevbrigade ya’heard 😎

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  • Post published:December 15, 2021

WHO is still buying ads in newspapers and TV?

This is a question I thought to myself last month.

Like you’d think with all the advancements in social media, marketing and instant feedback metrics, no one would ever use traditional media again…🤔

But the other day, I was doing work with the TV on the History Channel (where the past comes alive)…

And EVERY commercial break, there was at least one Medicare commercial.

All with different brokers too. I know it’s that time of year, but it seemed like overkill.

Until I realized that boomers are most likely in front of the TV.

I know some of them are on Facebook, but they probably don’t live on their phones like millennials and Gen Z.

I know a handful of them personally who don’t even have an email, much less a computer.

So yeah. Despite all the advancements, and innovation and Zuck trying to go Virtual Boy 2.0…

Some of the only places you can catch specific markets are where the majority of people aren’t.

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  • Post published:November 14, 2021

What is it about Target that makes me buy more stuff?

It’s like as soon as you enter, you walk into this marketing version of Narnia ❄️

Like I usually walk in for one thing and one thing only…

But then I’ll see something else, and be like, “you know… I kinda need that too🤔

And then I’ll look at the price and be like, “Oh that’s not bad at all!”

But then I’ll look on Amazon, and even Jeffrey Bezos can’t beat Target’s deal.

And the entire time I walk up to the counter to pay…

I think to myself, “How did Target do this?”

How did Target Corp. legally and ethically extract more money than I was willing to part with??

What kind of black ops stealth tactics are they using that I can’t see?

I can’t be the only one that thinks this.

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  • Post published:November 11, 2021

LinkedIn wants to destroy your views ☠️

Well, that depends on who you listen to…

I’ve seen some posts on LinkedIn from peeps complaining that they aren’t getting the views they used to get.

I’m not a LinkedIn expert by any means, but I think this is what’s happening…

*Leans back in armchair*

As a control, I only posted a few things this week but just let it go.

Needless to say, there wasn’t much action.

But then the other day, I posted but I didn’t make it about me…

Instead, I participated a lot more. I had more conversations with different peeps in my feed.

The end result was not only did my recent post get more views.

But the views on my other posts shot up too.

Again, I’m not a views expert by any means.

But it looks like participaters are rewarded more than posters.

Does that mean you have to put in more time in? Yeeeeep!

I don’t want to assume anything, but the probability is high that you’re already on your phone.

So the good news is you’ve already arrived. Now you just have to take baby steps in a few different directions.

PS: Find me on TikTok too. I do the same amount of marketing trolling, just in short video form! https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMRMS3NHU/

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🚨Red Alert🚨 This is one of crazy Uncle Gary Vee’s TikTok rants, word-for-word

“Learn to Eliminate Judgement…

The reason you’re not posting every day 800 times a day is because you’re worried what people are gonna say.

My friends, high school is over. Start acting like it.”

First, unless you’re completely out of the corporate world, high school is not over. The corporate world is high school 2.0.

Our guidance counselors lied to us. The best candidate does not get the high-paying job. The most popular people do. Or people who can BS the most.

And the likelihood is high that people have bosses and clients, and they care about what those people think.

I agree people give too many fucks about nothing, but you will still have the majority of people kissing ass. Who do you think Uncle Gary is surrounded by.

And Two. What the hell is this 800 times a day bullshit??

Okay Uncle Gary…😏

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How executives ruin creative decisions

Has anyone seen the Harley Quinn show on HBO Max?

It’s hilarious. If you think it’s a kid’s show, it is not!

They swear, a lot! There’s adult humor. They even drop the C-word.

I was listening to one of my favorite movie podcasts a few weeks ago, and they dropped some news.

And the news was, executives pulled the plug on one of the show’s scenes…

And it included an animated version of Batman doing the ‘holiest of holies’ to Catwoman.

Which is hilarious to even write out.

What’s even more laughable were the executives’ response to the whole thing.

They said they cut the scene because it was too ‘off-brand’ for Batman.

First off, the entire series is off-brand.

There’s an episode where Poison Ivy is busy sleeping around with a D-list villain named Kite Man.

Second, this show is on the same app as South Park, which has broken more rules than years Gen-Z has been alive.

As funny as the whole story is, this is a microcosm of what happens in the marketing and agency business.

At some point, a REALLY good idea is generated to sell a product or service.

But then that idea is sh!t on by executives and people who aren’t creative.

Personally, I can’t tell you how many ideas I’ve had to scrap because some VP had reservations, or they “didn’t get it.”

I’ve seen Creative Directors lose their stack because they got notes back on an idea that they thought was a guaranteed hit.

To me, there is nothing worse than executives destroying a really creative idea.

The best thing I’ve found is come up with 3 solid ideas, and then have the client chose.

This strategy has worked for a few reasons…

  1. You’re kind of controlling the outcome, and
  2. They can only say ‘No’ so many times

It’s kind of like choosing a place to eat with your girl…

Even if you don’t get your first choice, you can still get something you want.

P.S.: Need ideas for marketing emails?

Get awesome examples delivered to your inbox every Friday, and start your own email swipe file!

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When you bribe prospects to jump on sales calls

Sometimes I just click on social media ads just to see what other peoples’ funnels look like.

Just to find out what they’re doing on the marketing end.

And what kind of offers are they running, or what kind of emails they are sending.

And if I can grab a piece of wisdom from that, I’m satisfied.

But I clicked on someone’s ad a few days ago.

It was from Ahmad Munuawar (I know, not a household name) one of these guys who sells coaching to consultants.

Kind of like selling ice to the eskimos😂

But I started to sign up, but I stopped.

Because his webinar was $47.00.

I told myself that I wasn’t paying almost $50, just to check out someone’s funnel.

But then a day later, I got an email.

The email said that his webinar was “almost at capacity” (okay…sure😒)

And he had to “grease the wheels” if folks were willing to jump on a phone call…

He would waive the $47 fee.

Now, I’m sure this is part of his sales funnel, and this is a way to convert people who are “on the fence”.

But starting with free anything (or heavily discounted) sets a bad precedent.

Speaking from experience, some of the companies I’ve sold for, who swear up and down on a Bible that they don’t sell based on price, do exactly that.

And anytime they sold a package or product that was cheaper than the competition…

Attracted the “tire kickers” and “bargain shoppers”.

These were customers who either ended up leaving anyway after one or two months…

Or they were just massive pains in the asses.

And these were business customers. Not your average Joe’s off the street.

So the next time you think offering a price incentive is going to bring in a tidal wave of new customers.

Be careful who you open your front door for…

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When is the best time to send emails?

I follow Direct Response Copywriter Bob Bly on LinkedIn, who’s as smart as a whip and super helpful.

But he recently posted something that made me scratch my head…


According to Stephen Esketzis of ClickFunnels, the best times to send out your email in a day are:

–10am…this is one of the most popular late-morning email sending times, as many people are taking a short break from work.

–8pm-midnight…your prospects also check their email before going to bed.

–2pm … this is another popular time to send emails, as many people are taking their mid-afternoon break.

–6am … the first thing many people do when they wake up is checking their emails. Source: The CEO’s Edge, 7/14/21.


Just to be clear…

ClickFunnels says 2 times in the morning, one time in the afternoon, and a wide range at night.

So basically, ANYTIME during the day is a good time to send emails.

Got it.

Second, does it even matter anymore?

When you wake up and check your email, what do you see?

Just a bunch of unread emails.

And depending on what you do, you either delete or ignore most of them…

And you pick out the ones you think are important…

It’s the emails that are important to you that matter, based on a bunch of factors…

– Who sent it

– What’s the subject line

– Is there any good content

– Is there something in it for you

But something I definitely don’t look at is the time of day that the email hit my inbox.

Back at my first marketing gig, some late boomer / early gen x-er executive told me that the best times to send emails were Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. This was back in 2007-2008.

Today, almost everyone has a smartphone, and we’re all hit with constant tidal waves of notifications.

The only way you’re going to make an impact is what kind of relationship you foster with your subscribers.

But if you’re going to arrive in their inbox, what time you arrive doesn’t matter. Once you’re there, you’re there.

It’s what you bring with you that really counts.

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The sales funnel for how to get da clients

I saw a Facebook ad that I had to click on. Not because it was awesome, but it was utterly ridiculous.

I don’t want to give away the company that ran it, but it rhymes with Fraffic and Tunnels🧐

This ad was pushing a new course targeted to freelancers, and how they can get new clients.

And honestly, the sales copy on the squeeze page was typical “doom and gloom” copywriting. The course invalidates every other marketing option:

  • Like Facebook posts
  • Blogging
  • Building an email list (I’m unsure why this was on here, because this is exactly what they do, but okay 🤡)
  • LinkedIn
  • Cold outreach

Of course, it leaves out one last option, which is PPC.

Which is what they used to promote the course in the first place!

I know there’s a whole subculture that bashes internet courses like Coffeezilla or Ballerbusters.

Personally, I’m pro-internet courses. There are actually a few courses out there that actually changed my life for the better…

But without taking the course, I can tell you what it’s all about for free, without even taking it…

It’s essentially an introduction to sales funnels for freelancers (shocked face😳).

Here’s every stage of a sales funnel…

Top of the funnel:

This is for people who like your content at the surface level. They follow you on social media, watch your videos, or read your emails once in a while.

Middle of the funnel:

This is for people who resonate more with your content. These people are most likely to read your emails every day, attend your live sessions, or buy low to mid-ticket offers from you.

Bottom of the funnel:

These are the people who resonate the most with your content. They are most likely to email or message you directly to ask questions. They are also most likely to buy high-ticket offers and consulting opportunities from you.

And even though every customer enters the funnel the same way…

That doesn’t mean that the end goal is to get everyone to the bottom of the funnel.

Some customers are just meant to stay in a specific section of the funnel, and that’s okay.

But what you see with a lot of freelancers and consultants, is they have no funnel.

And they have a “bottom of the funnel” type offer like consulting, but then sell it to the “top of the funnel”.

I’m not advocating that all freelancers adopt the “hyper-aggressive Facebook ad funnel”.

Which is to hook clients with a low-ticket offer, then keep upselling them until they finally book a consulting opportunity.

This is a fine strategy, but what agencies won’t tell you…

Is that everything has to be dialed in, or else you will lose your butt with ad spending.

That means everything has to work. The ads, autoresponder sequences, offers, etc. all have to slap.

Not to mention, all the automation, copy and low-to-high ticket offers take a ton of time to set up.

But freelancers and consultants don’t have to buy a course to do this.

The best thing folks can do to start a sales funnel is get on some email lists and watch what other consultants are doing.

And see how their back-end (or bottom of the funnel) offers are set up.

Because the back-end, as MTV Cribs would say…

Is where all the magic happens!

(Millennial reference, if you’re not a millennial, keep scrolling)

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