Why content isn’t the most important part of info-marketing

If you’re a massive marketing nerd, and in case you were living under a rock…

ClickFunnels bought Dan Kennedy’s company.

Keep in mind, I have no idea how DK structured this deal…

But ClickFunnels is offering their own print newsletter, and another newsletter is written by Dan.

To help promote this, there’s a new Magnetic Marketing podcast that I’ve been listening to.

And there has been a ton of gold in it.

It’s basically old audio from Dan’s live seminars back in the day.

These are seminars where business owners paid thousands to be in the room.

But the advice packed in those recordings is just solid.

Like in the latest podcast episode, Dan talked about how the least important part of an info marketing business is the content itself.

You would think paying for content, whether it’s $20 bucks or hundreds, there would be something special about it.

And I’ve thought this myself. There are info products I’ve seen like books and newsletters where I’m like, I wonder what’s so special about those 🤔

But Dan admitted that’s it’s not even close. It’s more about “The Hurd” it’s intended for.

Let’s say you have 3 types of buyers…

Buyer #1 is an affiliate marketing newbie. One of those peeps you’d find promoting a 15-day challenge on their TikTok. This person doesn’t even have an LLC or a Tax ID.

Buyer #2 is a small business or franchise owner.

And Buyer #3 is a lawyer who owns his own practice.

Let’s say they all buy the same copywriting info product for $3,000.

Buyer #1 has a hell of a mountain to climb, having no actual business or experience. It will take them months to pay off their investment, and even months or years to start making the money they were expecting. Not to mention tons of discipline along the way.

Buyer #2 is a better candidate. However, if they own a small business that doesn’t have a big order value or big profit margins, it’s a bigger purchase to justify and it’ll take multiple sales to make their money back. It’ll take some more time to meet or exceed their expectations.

Buyer #3 is the best candidate. They don’t need to do a lot to really make their money back. They just need 1 new client to break even. Anything more than 1 new client and they’re pretty much kicking ass with minimal effort.

So Dan’s whole point was, sales are important, but the type of Hurd you round up is even more valuable because that’s where the future bank is. 🏦

If you’re not listening to this podcast, below is the direct link to it.👇👇👇

Check it out here.

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  • Post published:March 4, 2022

One of the worst email opt-in pages I’ve seen

I saw an ad on Instagram that piqued my interest, so I clicked on it…

And oh, what I found was horrible 🤦‍♂️

I think I found the world’s worst opt-in page.

I expected that the opt-in would just ask for my email. Like 95% of funnels.

But no…

Not only did they ask for my email… They asked for my phone number.

That’s a first red flag 🚩

Like no, I don’t want to talk to you.

Sadly, some companies with complex marketing funnels do this.

Because they want as many consulting prospects in their pipeline as humanly possible.

Regardless of whether they are quality prospects or not.

One company said they needed a phone number for “shipping purposes”… For a digital product😂 Yeah okay.

So I had to switch chrome tabs and find a fake phone number.

But THEN, they wanted to know… “What is your annual revenue was per year?”

Little personal there… Why don’t you just ask about my weight or my SSN?

I thought I was done… But ohhhh no!

The last screen wanted me to schedule a “free call”. The landing page said it was required.

First off, no one wants to schedule a sales meeting with you. Especially after clicking on an ad.

I’d rather walk through glass like in Die Hard…

Or get my teeth drilled without Novocain.

Anyone who would’ve been remotely interested will be scared off by this request.

And second, there’s no law saying that I have to take this meeting…

How easy is it for people to just bail on you??

I’m serious, I used to sell to businesses door-to-door. Do you know how many businesses told me that they were willing to meet with me, and then bailed on me?

And since I gave them a fake phone number…

They might have a prayer of a chance of getting through to someone. 😉

I understand this company is trying to qualify its prospects.

But that’s like asking someone on a date within minutes of meeting them.

I’m not gonna tell how businesses should run their operations, especially if they aren’t paying me.

But if you have a lead magnet, and you’re going to pay for traffic…

Please don’t ask for any sort of huge commitment right off the bat.

Pretend prospecting is like going on a date.

What do you want your prospect to say in a testimonial?

“This company was so great…

They bothered me for a sales meeting…

Followed up to the point of harassment…

Gaslighted and pressured me to buy their services…

But boy would I recommend them to anyone.”

9 out of 10. Would opt-in again! ⭐️



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  • Post published:February 28, 2022

I turned down a prospective client recently 🛑

Turned down for what?!

They were initially referred to me by a current client.

I spoke with them over zoom a few times. They seemed nice.

They wanted me to help them with some email marketing.


During a few client diagnostic calls, you have to ask a few key questions.

So I asked them a few questions about what they were currently doing…

And here’s what I found out…

They were doing a whole lot of nothing.

They had an email list but were barely sending any emails out.

When they did send emails, they were just sending occasional promotional discounts.

They weren’t sending any content that anyone wanted to read.

They didn’t have any creative offers to capture any future emails.

And they didn’t know how many sales were being generated through email.

The bottom line, is they didn’t seem very motivated to do much.

And I knew that getting them any results to justify hiring me…

Was going to be like pulling teeth.

And it was going to take a lot of painful conversations.

And a lot of work that I just wasn’t willing to do.

So I decided to cut my losses early and referred them to a few other people who could help them out possibly.

They understood and were cool about it.

But part of the freedom of working for yourself…

Is saying no to work that you don’t think is beneficial.

Or saying no to things that you know will aggravate you or waste your time.

Don’t get me wrong, I like money. I’m a huge fan.

But even with more money, there are diminishing returns.

To the point where being self-employed isn’t even worth it.

You might as well have a high-paying job with a ton of work to do.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, how much money is enough for you?

And what’s money if you don’t have the freedom to enjoy it?

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  • Post published:February 17, 2022

Oh no! People unsubscribed from my email list 😱

Last week I sent an email that got a bunch of engagement.

It also got a few unsubscribes.

But I was happy someone unsubscribed.

Not in some cheesy Gary Vee way where he’s grateful for playing life on hard mode…

But if people aren’t having a good time with you…

You are insanely better off without them.

Sadly, a bunch of business owners and marketers don’t subscribe to this attitude.

I seriously think the reason why more business owners don’t use email marketing…

Is 1) they don’t know what content and offers to send to their list…

And 2) they’re afraid people would unsubscribe.

But here’s the thing.

If you run a business, at some point, the more email subscribers you get, the more you have to pay…

So at some point, you’ll be paying more 💰 to add more names to your email list.

And a good portion of people will not be engaged, or will not interested in what you have to say.

No matter what you do.

So why pay to keep them around?

Every 6 months, I run a report in AWeber…

And I find out who hasn’t opened my emails.

And if a half of a year goes by, and someone isn’t reading my stuff.

I just manually remove them.

But if someone willingly leaves.

They just did my job for me.

So yeah if you want a high subscriber count, rarely email your list.

Don’t email your best stuff.

And whatever you do, don’t sell anything to that list!

That big subscriber number will make you feel great, but you won’t get anywhere with it.

And they certainly won’t pay your bills, that’s for certain😂

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  • Post published:February 14, 2022

After months of trying, I’m starting to understand how to create TikToks 🙌

But it hasn’t been an easy journey. Here are some of the challenges I’ve had…

  • Trying to come up with good content ideas
  • Coming to grips with low view counts
  • Not getting followers

It’s been hard. REAL hard. I’m a way better writer. I haven’t created a whole lot of videos.

So I was essentially learning a brand new skill.

And I ate a lot of dirt. When you eat a lot of dirt, it’s hard to stay motivated.

There were a bunch of times I rage quit. Just like Call of Duty😂

As a result, I didn’t touch TikTok for months.

After I took a break for the holidays, I’d get an idea that I thought was good, and posted it.

I’d start to get other ideas. Some were great. Others, not so much.

I still kept it going. I’d get hundreds of more views with some more traction. A few of my TikToks got a few thousand.

And I even FINALLY got more followers. Now I have about as many on TikTok as I do on LinkedIn.

Not a super impressive amount, but I’ll take it. It’s way better than where I started.

Here’s what I learned so far…

  • When you start out, post indiscriminately. See what works, but notice what doesn’t.
  • Post different ideas and experiment. Most will suck, but there’s a few that won’t. Those will be your North Star.
  • Keep it interesting, and don’t meander. If you have something short to say, keep it short.
  • Use popular sounders. If you’re scrolling for leisure, and you like a sound, save it for later.
  • Don’t use hashtags with a billion views, or even a million. Stick to long tail specific hashtags with a couple hundred thousand views. Less competition.
  • Keep it relatable. The more relatable, the more likes and comments you’ll get
  • Keep it light, fun, and playful. TikTok is absolutely top of the funnel activity
  • You will be frustrated, but make a commitment that no matter how frustrated you get, keep showing up.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Everyone is on their own timeline, and learns at their own pace. And again, keep it fun, but fun for yourself too.


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  • Post published:February 11, 2022

I stopped flying Southwest Airlines 6 years ago…

But for some reason, I got an email from them last week. 

I could’ve sworn I unsubscribed… 🤔 

Anyways, they announced that a new CEO is taking over.

And they sent the most templated, generic, vanilla “new CEO email” that anyone ever uses.

It’s got the CEO’s boomer headshot front and center.

And it starts off with, “I hope 2022 ushers in a new year of promise and brings more opportunities…” yada yada…

I was going to include more, but I feel like I included too much already😂

Here’s the main thing… Who the hell cares?

I don’t even fly Southwest, and a new CEO doesn’t change my life.

I can’t imagine that anyone who actually pays them money for a ticket cares either.

And Southwest pays their own communications team to write emails like this.

What a waste of money. 💰 🔥 

Their marketing dollars could’ve been better spent elsewhere.

And what are they trying to get from this announcement? More ticket sales?

Nothing about this email is going to move anyone closer to booking a trip with them.

I used to have to write “messages from the CEO” years ago…

The only one who cares is the CEO. That’s it!

So whatever you do, whether it’s free ot paid…

(And marketing is NOT a zero sum game. Everyone pays with time…)

But whatever message you put out there…

You gotta ask yourself, what’s in it for someone else?

But if the answer is nothing…

You sadly wasted your own time and money.


Obviously this is an example of an email gone horribly wrong…

This is a great example of what NOT to do.

But every week I send examples of what GOOD email marketing looks like.

From business owners and marketers who are smarter than any Southwest Airline CEO.

This morning I sent an example of a story that Dan Kennedy told. One of his finest gems. 💎 

If you were on the list, it would’ve been in your inbox.

But here’s where to go if you want to hop on board…


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Hey, did you know Ozark is back?

This past Sunday, someone told me Season 4 was out.

And I started binging it.

I’ve done this with every season so far.

I finished season 3 in like a week, and had to wait years for new episodes.

And with COV!D, it felt like forever…

Now I’m almost done with it, but I realized something about my viewing habits.

I realized that not all shows are equal in my queue…

There are some shows that have just sat there for weeks, or even months.

But with Ozark, there was a real sense of urgency to watch every episode.


Probably a lot of reasons:

It’s relatable:

At the end of the day, it’s about a family trying to get by.

Yeah they’re money launderers and wanted criminals, but they’re all in it together.

It pumps up your emotions:

Marty and his family are always in conflict.

Seriously, every episode is a sh!tshow.

To the point where you think they might kill each other.

It always keeps you guessing:

You really don’t see a lot of things coming.

Especially in the last 5 seconds of season 3.

You wouldn’t think it, but this happens with marketing too.

There’s some marketing out there that just knows how to grab you, and screw with your emotions.

While the majority of it just sucks. It’s just vanilla.

It’s the equivalent of sitting in your queue for months on end😂

👇👇👇👇 👇👇

Much like my Netflix shows, are you afraid your marketing emails are just sitting in someone’s inbox?

Just sitting. Not being read or clicked?

Do you want weekly examples of email marketing that DOES move the needle?

That gets subscribers involved, and to take action?

And that you can use as inspiration when you need it?

If that’s you, I know just the thing.


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  • Post published:January 30, 2022

What’s a secret that could literally ruin your life if it came out?

***Asked on Reddit***

I run a cake business…

I charged people hundreds for wedding cakes.

Every last one is made using Pillsbury cake mix. I buy for $1 a box at Walmart.

I suck at baking.

Everytime I ever tried to make a cake from scratch it sucked. But baking is like my whole deal.

My friends all call me the cake girl. People compliment my cakes all the time, telling me how delicious they are…

Telling me they could never bake a cake so delicious.

Well, guess what?

For $1, they too can make a cake just as delicious.


Listen here Anon Reddit Lady…

You’re giving yourself WAY less credit than you deserve.

I’ll give you an example. As an adult male, I’m fully capable of making a burger myself.

Hell, I own an outdoor grill and know damn well how to operate a stove. And I’m WELL AWARE that it’s cheaper for me to make a burger myself than to buy one.

But guess what? The majority of burgers I’ve eaten in my life… someone else made them.

Not only that… I paid them more money than what it economically cost to make it.

Do I care? Not really. Everytime I bought a burger, I was hungry and didn’t feel like cooking.

So despite how cheap and easy you think it is to make a cake, you are not ripping people off (Unless you’re telling people you make them from scratch…)

People are essentially buying their time back that they didn’t want to spend doing something.

That husband and wife you sold a cake to. I guarantee you one of them could bake a cake.

But they were too busy planning a freakin wedding, which takes a year of your life.

This poor gal has probably baked so many cakes, she sees the code in the baking Matrix…

But that doesn’t make her skill any less valuable.

So the next time you’re selling a product, your services or just good old YOU…

You’re selling a hell of a lot more than just the goods itself. You just can’t see it on your side of the table.

But the other side sees it, knows exactly what they’re buying, and will fork over good money for it.

P.S.: Pssst… hey kid…

If you’re curious about how other marketers out there are selling their consulting services and products…

How they’re writing their copy…

Or how they’re using emotional triggers to get other peeps to buy…

I got just the thing. You don’t have to subscribe to a million email lists either!

I gotchu!

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Gary Vee and his crazy NFTs

***Real Gary Vee TikTok***

“I’ll give you a weird one. If you own a home that is WILDLY unique…

And it’s a $25,000,000 dollar home on a beach, something wild…

You can NFT that home right now, put it into the smart contract that you get 1% transaction of this home in perpetuity…”

And the first person who buys that home, will be fine with that. They won’t give a “fook”.


Let me tell you something Gary…

I like you, I really do…

And I love that you’re excited about the future. I’m happy for you. I wish I had that big Gary energy.

Having said all that…

Buddy, I don’t plan on being THAT rich…

But if I get to a point, where I’m out here in a home worth $25 mil…

On a BEACH, no less.

Buddy, I ain’t movin.

So much so, I’m findin a way to get buried in that house.

Put THAT in the smart contract!

P.S.: I can’t promise that my TikToks will last long, but 9 out of 10 experts were left feeling satisfied…

@bizdevbrigade ya’heard 😎

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WHO is still buying ads in newspapers and TV?

This is a question I thought to myself last month.

Like you’d think with all the advancements in social media, marketing and instant feedback metrics, no one would ever use traditional media again…🤔

But the other day, I was doing work with the TV on the History Channel (where the past comes alive)…

And EVERY commercial break, there was at least one Medicare commercial.

All with different brokers too. I know it’s that time of year, but it seemed like overkill.

Until I realized that boomers are most likely in front of the TV.

I know some of them are on Facebook, but they probably don’t live on their phones like millennials and Gen Z.

I know a handful of them personally who don’t even have an email, much less a computer.

So yeah. Despite all the advancements, and innovation and Zuck trying to go Virtual Boy 2.0…

Some of the only places you can catch specific markets are where the majority of people aren’t.

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  • Post published:November 14, 2021