After months of trying, I’m starting to understand how to create TikToks 🙌

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  • Post published:February 11, 2022
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But it hasn’t been an easy journey. Here are some of the challenges I’ve had…

  • Trying to come up with good content ideas
  • Coming to grips with low view counts
  • Not getting followers

It’s been hard. REAL hard. I’m a way better writer. I haven’t created a whole lot of videos.

So I was essentially learning a brand new skill.

And I ate a lot of dirt. When you eat a lot of dirt, it’s hard to stay motivated.

There were a bunch of times I rage quit. Just like Call of Duty😂

As a result, I didn’t touch TikTok for months.

After I took a break for the holidays, I’d get an idea that I thought was good, and posted it.

I’d start to get other ideas. Some were great. Others, not so much.

I still kept it going. I’d get hundreds of more views with some more traction. A few of my TikToks got a few thousand.

And I even FINALLY got more followers. Now I have about as many on TikTok as I do on LinkedIn.

Not a super impressive amount, but I’ll take it. It’s way better than where I started.

Here’s what I learned so far…

  • When you start out, post indiscriminately. See what works, but notice what doesn’t.
  • Post different ideas and experiment. Most will suck, but there’s a few that won’t. Those will be your North Star.
  • Keep it interesting, and don’t meander. If you have something short to say, keep it short.
  • Use popular sounders. If you’re scrolling for leisure, and you like a sound, save it for later.
  • Don’t use hashtags with a billion views, or even a million. Stick to long tail specific hashtags with a couple hundred thousand views. Less competition.
  • Keep it relatable. The more relatable, the more likes and comments you’ll get
  • Keep it light, fun, and playful. TikTok is absolutely top of the funnel activity
  • You will be frustrated, but make a commitment that no matter how frustrated you get, keep showing up.
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Everyone is on their own timeline, and learns at their own pace. And again, keep it fun, but fun for yourself too.


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