Advice about building a cult-like following straight from the source

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  • Post published:April 11, 2021
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Have you seen the series The Vow on HBO?

It’s a documentary series about a real-life cult out of upstate New York, and how it manipulated its members into doing their evil bidding.

Even though they were completely unethical, it provides a solid play-by-play of how a no-name serial entrepreneur created a cult of people to generate tons of money for himself.

Excellent targeting:

The main cult head Keith did not pick just anybody to join his cult. He picked people who were career-focused, driven and wanted to do better in life. Most of these people already had money, and some form of success, including folks in entertainment.


Once people were in, Keith got followers to make small commitments here and there, which grew to outlandish asks. This is how he got followers to lose insane amounts of weight, and even got them to call him ‘Master’.

Sold Them a Ladder:

Among other things, he sold his followers on the idea of ascending up his ‘cult career ladder’. His followers would work 60 hours a week to reach Keith’s lofty goals, and try to earn certain ‘stripes’ and try to get closer to the top of his pyramid.

Even though what Keith did was the extreme dark side of manipulation, you can use this “outline” to drive your business and sales (ethically).

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