Addressing the elephant in the room

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  • Post published:April 19, 2021
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If you’re in marketing, the chances are good that you’ve seen a Traffic and Funnels ad cross your path.

In previous posts, I’ve complained about how companies use ads about how you don’t need ads to grow your business.

However, T + F addresses this exact objection in their ad.

AND they nip it in the bud, right away. Because it’s on everyone’s mind as soon as they see the ad.

My guess is they got feedback from their ads, and they used that feedback to update their copy.

This not only goes for ads and products. You could have the best idea, but you still have to implement what your prospects and customers are telling you.

Otherwise you’re just guessing at what your market wants. Thankfully, there’s more easy money in direct feedback than there is in guesswork.

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